Welcome To BlogLight

Published March 13, 2020, 8:26 p.m. by Admin

Welcome to BlogLight.

BlogLight is a brand new blogging platform developed for the modern web with a focus on modern aesthetics, security, and speed.


Supports multiple author accounts.
Includes a modern reading progress bar at the top of each post, this bar can optionally be disabled as well.
Supports code injection so you can add any analytic headers.
Customizable footers that will be embedded into each page automatically.
BlogLight has premade admin panel where you can control almost every aspect of the platform.
Custom made rich text engine.
And many more coming soon as this product is in a very early beta stages...

Text Formatting.

In this application several text formatting options are available this here is a guide on how to use them.

Bold Text

***Bold Text***

Italicized Text

**Italicized Text**

To add Headings use

>>> Heading Text

To add a URL just use the following

~url(visible text||https://google.com/)

Maybe add some code to your post

def convertPost(file_name): try: with open(file_name,'r') as file: data = file.read() except: print('error invalid filename/filepath') return 0

To create a code block just wrap your code with ```{code}```

Todo list

Add a dark theme Add global nav bar Adsense support