Sophisticated discord bot with advanced capabilities.

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Points System

Custom points system where users are rewarded for being active, uploading good content, server bumping and more. Values are configurable and scoreboards are visible via !scoreboard.

Join Challenge

Worried about server raids or the recent decrease in new member quality? Comanche's Dynamic Join Challenge solves both issues and outputs a random funny message each time someone fails. Members can even add custom messages to the queue.

Command Blacklisting

Some people suck enough where they shouldn't have access to commands but don't quite suck enough to be banned.

Fetch Crypto

Automatically fetch crypto data and sends it to the news channel on a configured interval. Can also be invoked by users at any time.

Fetch Congress

Curious about congress' recent investments? I know I am.

Fetch Aurora

Automatically fetch Aurora forecast data from and sends it to the news channel on a configured interval. Only posts when northern lights are active.

Fetch News

Automatically fetch news data and sends it to the news channel on a configured interval.

Reaction Roles

Setup custom reaction roles for users to interact with. Note this currently only works on CHC as the config option hasn't been added.

Custom Join/Leave

Adds a custom join and leave message to your server. Also includes whether or not the individual failed the join challenge or not.

Content Upvote System

Add upvote and downvote options to content channels likes memes or resource channels. Upvotes are rewarded with points!

User Backups

Automatically performs user backups every 12h.

Custom FAQ

Setup a custom FAQ page that can be invoked by any member via the !faq command.

Fetch Proxies

Fetch proxy data from our servers. Currently supports SOCKS5, SOCKS4, HTTPS, and HTTP proxies.

Fetch Port Info

Ever see a random port and have no idea what it does but for some reason don't want to google it. Boom !port

Add to Challenge Queue

This command allows you to add a custom message to the join challenge queue to get sent to a user if they fail the challenge.

Fetch Bible

People really wanted this feature, I had no choice.

Fetch User Creation

Fetch a discord user's account creation date.

Fetch User PFP

Fetch a discord user's current profile picture.


Fetch OSINT resources from our servers.


Scrapes anonfile for files that match your query. Credit: Rokas.

Server Stats

Displays some basic server statistics and analytical data.


Gives server members the opportunity to vote to kick a new server member.

Fetch GeoIP

Fetches GeoIP data related to an IP address or hostname.

Ping Service

Pings a host and returns some port information too.

Bump Notifications

Automatically notifies users who !d bump when it's time to do so again. Also rewards bumpers with points!

Mute Members

Mute server a member that's being annoying.

Skid Members

Assign a skid or dumb dumb role to annoying "people".

Ban Members

Ban's a server member that simply crossed the line.

Advanced Chat Purge

Purges a custom amount of chat messages in a channel. Supports purging by users and by regex pattern matching.

Clear Votekicks

Clears the current votekick list.

Clear Challenge Queue

Clears the custom join challenge queue.

Force Say

Forces Comanche to say something.

Create Embed

Create a custom embed with Comanche. Can even configure color.

Configure the bot

Admin can configure Comanche's functionality to better suite their server's needs.

Disco Mode

This is a very fun command.