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Welcome to my ted talk.

About Me.

Welcome to the Internet's worst best website. Since you're on this site you probably know who I am, but did you know the following?

here comes the guinea


Personal github account with mostly private repos


Somewhat incomplete personal portfolio page

Recent Blog Posts.

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Apps, Tools, and Services.

OSINT Assistant

Useful tool for OSINT investigations with several filters & resources.

Aurora Service

Aurora monitoring and forecasting service.

Covid-19 Monitor

Covid-19 monitoring service for Ontario + statistical data.

Proxy Scraper

List of public proxies discovered via web scraping algorithm.

Privacy Quiz

Test for quantifying privacy, anonymity and security.


Discord bot with advanced capabilities.

AI Summarizer

AI powered text summarizer.

Tree Visualizer

App for visually graphing various BST algorithms.


Sine Waves

Dynamic sine wave animations with multiple customization options

RRT Algorithm

Unique RRT graph generation algorithm implementation and in browser visualization


Random linear algebra inspired animations that resembles a plane folding in on itself

Spacial Convergence

Random geometric animation inspired from black holes and depictions of gravity in space


Particle motion animation I made for literally no reason (it's also interactive!)

Neural Network

Neural network visualization tool based off of multi layer perceptron diagrams